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Funding Grants Scheme 2016

Provide financial support for innovative and original research project of high impact, quality and potential. The research involve the exploration of new ideas, concepts and theories which will be the backbone to new discoveries and expansion of knowledge.

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FRGS - 1 Projects
RACE - 1 Projects
SpGS - 3 Projects
HOPE - 1 Projects
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Research Publications

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Currently pursuing research project on enteroviruses, dengue and respiratory tract infection in children. Areas of interest include molecular diagnostic, viral-host interaction and molecular epidemiology.

Previously, I have been involved in projects associated with the epidemiology and surveillance of infectious diseases that are endemic in Sarawak such as hand-foot-mouth disease (enteroviruses) and CNS-related viral diseases.

My primary interest lies in the areas of viral infection and detection. These include the study of viral infection pathway by way of looking at viral-host protein-protein interaction, development of new diagnostic assay and recombinant antigen and antibody development.