Dengue is endemic to Malaysia with yearly reported cases. The disease is caused by one of four types of dengue viruses (DENV1-4). Infection with one type confers immunity to that type but not to the other three. Subsequent infection with a different type increases the risk of contacting dengue hemorrhagic fever. DENV is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito particularly with A. aegypti but may also include A. albopictus, A. polynesiensis and A. scutellaris.

Here at IHCM, our research interest in dengue includes molecular epidemiology of DENV, molecular diagnostics for DENV detection, viral-host interactions, mosquito vectors of DENV and sylvatic spillover of DENV into endemic cycles. To achieve this, researchers at IHCM work collaboratively with Sarawak public health personnel from various public hospitals and clinics, and with other research groups both within and outside Malaysia.