Development of serological assay for detection of Chikungunya virus infection. (2016 - 2018)

- Dr Magdline Sia Henry Sum

Gene Expression Profiling Analysis Of Dengue Virus And Chikungunya Virus Infection. (2012 - 2015)

- Dr Magdline Sia Henry Sum

Expression and evaluation of a 24-kDa recombinant protein of the N-terminal E2 glycoprotein of chikungunya virus. (2015)

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Expression of recombinant E1 glycoprotein of chikungunya virus in baculovirus expression system. (2015)

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Expression of N-terminal E2 glycoprotein of chikungunya virus for serological assay.

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Early clearance of Chikungunya virus in children is associated with a strong innate immune response. (2016)

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The reactivity of recombinant Chikungunya virus E2 protein under reduced and non-reduced conditions. (2017)

- Anna Andrew, Nur Aimi Aizah and Magdline Sia Henry Sum.